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Provide confidential health risk appraisals.


A Health Risk Appraisal is a technique for determining the presence of disease and estimation the risk that someone with certain characteristics will develop disease within a given time span.  The three components of a Health Risk Appraisal are: 1) questionnaire, 2) risk calculation, and 3) educational reports.

Health Risk Appraisals: 

  • Are easy to use.

  • Are popular with clients and may increase participation in health promotion programs.

  • Provide a systematic approach to organizing preventive health information and tend to emphasize modifiable risk factors.

  • May provide data on stages of change for behavioral risk factors.

  • Provide group data that summarize major health problems and risk factors.

  • May increase motivation to make positive behavior changes, when integrated into a broader health promotion program.

    Limitations of the Health Risk Appraisal:

  • It does not diagnose disease.

  • It does not provide a complete medical history, nor is it a substitute for a medical exam.

  • It is not a predictor of an individual’s medical future, chances of death, or most likely cause of death.

  • It is not an assessment of social or environmental risk factor.

  • It is not a health promotion program in itself.


    On average, a Health Risk Appraisal cost $15 - $50 per employee.

    Computer-based appraisals

  • Most cost-efficient

  • Most popular

  • Require a computer-literate population
    Pen and paper appraisals

  • Staff intensive

  • Take longer for feedback



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