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Provide clean safe and aesthetically appealing stairwells


An important motivator in encouraging people to take the stairs is making stairwells more inviting.


Consider the following ideas:

  • Motivational signs at elevators and escalators (refer to Section 1 for more information)
  • Adding carpet and rubber treading
  • Creative lighting
  • Artwork or mirrors on the walls
  • Theme stairwells (tropical rainforest, cartoons, etc.)
  • Include an electronic message board
  • Add footsteps that lead from the elevators to the stairs
  • Post arrows showing the way to the stairs
  • Create a fitness zone inside the stairwell with a sign:  “You are now entering the Fitness Zone”
  • Put numbers on the doors to let users know which floor they are on.  Start at the bottom floor and give each stair a number so that users can easily track their progress.
  • Allow users to add their signatures to each floor creating a graffiti wall



  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  
        StairWELL to Better Health Project