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Provide bicycle racks


  • Bicycling can be a safe, healthy behavior.
  • Placing bicycle racks in prominent locations may encourage people to ride to your location.
  • Bicycle parking is inexpensive to provide compared to automobile parking.
  • Studies have proven that people who exercise in the morning are more alert when they get to work.


  • Contact your facilities manager and/or city government to find out if a specific type of bicycle rack is required or if there are specific locations that bicycle racks must be installed on your property.
  • If there is not standard rack, look for the inverted-U rack.  This type of rack offers the best of short-term cycle parking and is widely regarded as the recommended standard.
  • Determine a location that is convenient to access on a bicycle.  Ideal locations are visible, well lit, and close to the building entrance.  Make sure that curb ramps are in place so the bicyclist can ride directly to the rack.  Keep in mind that bicyclists will park as close as they can to their destination.  If your building has multiple entrances, make sure you install bike racks in multiple locations.
  • To encourage bicycling, as you’re local police department about bicycle registration. Many cities offer to engrave a number on bicycles so that if they are ever stolen, they can be traced back to the owner.  You can host a bicycling event at your worksite and have the police come to register bicycles.
  • To encourage bicycle commuting, your worksite should have showers, locker room, and storage for bicycles.
  • Advertise the location of all bike racks to employees.
  • Offer bicycle safety training on-site.  Talk to departments of transportation, local bicycle vendors or police officers about making a presentation about rules of the road and bicycle safety tips.
  • Give free or low-cost helmets and/or retro reflective gear to bicycle commuters.


  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bicycle:
  • Municipal government
  • Police department
  • Vendors that sell bicycle racks, safety gear, etc.
  • Zoning or planning department