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Provide a safe walking environment on facility grounds


  • Walking is a safe, healthy behavior.
  • Walking is a form of physical activity that does not require equipment, has a low risk of injury, and has been proven to improve wellness.
  • Walking trails and sidewalks can be aesthetically appealing.  With a little investment, you can make your walkways look much nicer.
  • If facilities for walking are in place, employees are more likely to use them.


  • Talk to your city/municipality engineers and planners to find out about any restrictions/options for building trails or sidewalks on your facility grounds.
  • Work with an architect to develop plans to make your facility more walk able.  The design should focus on connectivity and interesting design.
  • Consider amenities like benches, water fountains, and signage.
  • If you have large parking lots, designate areas for pedestrian access in the lots.  This enhances safety and allows sites to connect disjointed areas.
  • Keep pedestrian safety and comfort in mind.  Tree lawns, lighting, and signage make walking more enjoyable and safer.


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