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Preparing to Recruit

Hiring Policy

In order to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, an employer’s hiring practices should be consistent and directly related to the inherent requirements of the job, without regard to age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, religious creed, marital status, veteran status, and disability. The only legitimate exception to this requirement is when a bona fide occupational qualification exists. Consequently, the first step in a company’s planning process should be to establish a hiring policy and supporting procedures that:

  • Provide a consistent approach for recruitment and selection activities;
  • Ensure hiring practices neither intentionally nor unintentionally eliminate applicants from protected classes; and
  • Guide employees in understanding, implementing, and complying with hiring requirements.

Sample Hiring Policy

COMPANY will make reasonable efforts to recruit, assess, and select job applicants based on predetermined qualifications that do not arbitrarily discriminate against any qualified person.  It is the COMPANY’s intent under this policy to hire individuals based on their overall qualifications and ability to perform the essential functions of a specific position, with or without reasonable accommodation. 

It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Human Resources to develop recruiting, assessment, selection, and related hiring programs and procedures to ensure that this policy is carried out in the most efficient, timely, and lawful manner reasonable in each case of a hiring decision.

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