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Post workplace wellness motivational signs


Taking the stairs regularly is a promising intervention for increasing physical activity.  Deciding between using the stairs and using an elevator or escalator is a lifestyle choice that often occurs daily.  Using the stairs requires little or no additional cost because the building codes require stairs.


Posting motivational signs at points-of-decision around a building is important in encouraging people to use the stairs.  However, messages and artwork that are motivating to one audience may be a turn off to another, which is why it is important to test them with members of your audience first.  Whether the messages are inspirational, factual, health-related, or humorous, find out what motivates your audience and tailor your messages and artwork accordingly.

  • Put the signs next to the elevator buttons at eye-level or in a place where elevator and escalator users will easily see them as they approach.

  • Vary the messages from time to time to keep people reading and interested.

  • Post the first sign at all elevator sites for a week or two.  Periodically post new signs.

  • Consider doing a survey before posting the signs to find out how often people use the stairs.


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
        StairWELL to Better Health Project

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