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Post motivational signs about Fruits & Veggies More Matters


Motivational signs can act as both a reminder and decision prompt when posted in a cafeteria.  Encouraging healthful eating near the point-of-purchase of foods can influence decisions.  Signage posted in various locations presents reminders for on and off-site eating habits.  Good nutrition has been linked to improved heath and increased energy.


  • Motivational signs can be posted in a variety of places.  Unconventional locations usually have more impact.  Examples are trash cans, walls, ceilings, vending machines, and restroom doors.
  • Don’t limit your signage to the cafeteria.  Post signs in other places such as break rooms, hallways, elevators, restrooms, etc.
  • Posters are not the only possibility.  Try making table tents, window signs, flyers, or hanging displays.  Laminating the information helps to keep it in good shape longer.  Depending on the size/type, framing or mounting on foam core also lengthens the life of the sign and adds to the professionalism of the message.



  • CDC’s Fruits and Veggies Matter Campaign:

  • Fitness Wholesale:

  • Produce for Better Health: or

  • Project Lean:

  • United States Department of Agriculture/Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion:

    Food Guide Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines

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