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Physical Activity: Workplace Wellness

Explore opportunities for increased physical activity.

  Action Steps:
1.  Support physical activity breaks during the workday, such as stretching or walking.

  Cost= $; Time= x

2.  Implement incentive based programs to encourage physical activity, such as pedometer walking challenges.

  Cost= $$; Time= x

3.  Host walk and talk meetings.

  Cost= $; Time= x x

4.  Post workplace wellness motivational signs at elevators and escalators to encourage stair usage. 
  Cost= $; Time= x

5.  Offer flexible work hours to allow for physical activity during the day.
  Cost= $; Time= x

6.  Support recreation leagues and other physical activity events (on-site or in the community) 
  Cost= $; Time= x

7.  Offer on site fitness opportunities, such as group classes or personal training.
  Cost= $$$; Time= x x

8.  Provide incentives for participation in physical activity and/or weight management/maintenance activities.
  Cost= $$; Time= x

9.  Explore discounted memberships at local health clubs, recreation centers, or YMCA’s.
  Cost= $$; Time= x

Cost =

$ = Minimum  
$$ = Moderate
$$$ = Maximum  

Time =

x = Minimum
x x   = Moderate
x x x = Maximum

10. Workplace Wellness Physical Activity Resources.

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