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Offer regular health education presentations


Providing health and wellness information to employees at the workplace demonstrates an organization’s concern for the well-being of its employees.  The information they gain from health education seminars may empower employees to take better care of their health, start a habit, or become a better consumer.  This, in turn, may assist the organization to positively impact such things as health care costs, absenteeism, and productivity.


  • Understand your employee demographics such as gender, age, insurance coverage, overweight population, smoking population, etc.

  • Conduct an employee interest survey to collect information on the topics that would be of most interest to staff and to determine the best time of day for health education seminars.            Sample topics:  Physical activity, healthful eating, stress management, heart health, etc.

  • Select the best time of day for a presentation and consider offering it at multiple times.  For traditional work schedules, the lunch hour is often a popular time.  However for employees with shift work, it may be beneficial to offer the presentation at various times throughout each shift.  In addition, you may want to videotape the presentation and make it available for those who were not able to attend.

  • Select the length of the seminar according to your organization’s needs.  Seminars most commonly last one hour (approximately 45 Minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions), but can vary according to the environment.

  • Once a topic has been selected, contact local organizations that can provide speakers on the topic.  Specify the date (s) and time (s).

  • Promote the seminars through all marketing media available such as e-mail, flyers, and meeting announcements.

  • Consider encouraging employees to pre-register if materials are needed.

  • Offering snacks or a door prize often will increase participation.

  • Develop an evaluation or request that the presenter provide you with an evaluation that can be given out to attendees.


    Contact the following organizations to inquire about low or no-cost speakers:

  • American Cancer Society:

  • American Diabetes Association:

  • American Heart Association:

  • American Lung Association:

  • Pennsylvania Dietetic Association:

  • Penn State Cooperative Extension, Luzerne County:

    Other organizations to consider for speakers:

  • Employee assistance providers

  • Fitness organizations

  • Health departments

  • Hospitals

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Recreation centers/YMCAs