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Offer on site fitness opportunities


The benefits of on-site fitness opportunities include:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and health

  • Informal building of company networks

  • Increased employee engagement and energy

  • Building of positive company culture

  • Potential reduction in overall healthcare costs

  • Potential reduction in employee absences

    On-site fitness opportunities can include:

  • Group fitness classes led by an instructor

  • Group fitness classes following a fitness video

  • Dedicated room with fitness basics such as stretching mats, exercise balls, small hand weights, exercise videos, a TV, VCR or DVD
    player, etc.

  • On-site shower facilities


    NOTE:  It is strongly recommended that you read the following book before creating any on-site fitness opportunities:  ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards & Guidelines, Second Ed., American College of Sports Medicine, 1992

  • Survey employee population to ascertain desired videos and/or classes.

  • Work with employer to find an appropriate existing space such as a conference or meeting room.

  • Partner with a local health club for fitness class ideas and for qualified instructors.  See Appendix C for more detailed information on instructor credentials.

  • Purchase TV, VCR or DVD player, and fitness videos.

  • Research potential liability issues.
    o   Contract your employer’s legal department regarding participant waivers, necessary insurance, and any other liability concerns.
    o   See Appendix C for more detailed information on liability issues.

  • Provide shower facilities for employees who want to bicycle/run to work or exercise over the lunch hour.

  • Provide bike racks or other bike storage facilities.


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