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Offer on Site weight managementmaintenance programs


Ongoing programs, such as weight management classes, provide the support and motivation employees need to facilitate lasting behavior change.


  • Conduct an employee survey to determine interest in such a program and best day of the week and time of day to host it.

  • Determine which program you want to offer.  Research your options and take into consideration program reputation, class content, instructor credentials, cost, etc.

  • Offer an on-site program before work, over the lunch hour, or after work.

  • Consider subsidizing the program so that the employer and employee each pay half of the class registration.

  • In smaller communities where programs might not be available, invite a registered dietitian or exercise physiologist to speak about nutrition and physical activity.


  • American Cancer Society:

  • American Heart Association:
        Slim for Life, Cooking for Life, Active for Life programs: 303.369.5433
        Choose to Move Program:

  • Pennsylvania Dietetic Association:

  • Think Light! :