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Offer flexible work hours to allow for physical activity


Your corporate physical activity strategy needs to reflect and compliment your corporate plan-matching you goals, objectives, needs, and resources.

Employees who do physical activity on a regular basis make up a more fit and healthy workforce.  The benefit is having a workforce that is more efficient and loses fewer days from illness and stress.  Individuals improve their self-esteem, increase their personal satisfaction, have less psychological stress, can relax more easily, and show greater mental alertness.

Having flexible work hours allows employees to participate in specific physical activities before work, during the lunch hour, or during the work day.


  • Assist management in developing a corporate policy statement supporting flexible work hours and distribute it to all managers and staff.

  • Define supervisory responsibilities in the policy for approving work hour flexibility for physical activity while maintaining staff coverage and workflow.

  • Offer flexible working hours allowing people to arrive at work a little later or leave a little earlier to help them add physical activity to their day

  • Provide and maintain male and female locker rooms that will support employees in midday physical activity.  Lockers rooms could include showers, hair dryers, towels, etc.


    Sample policy for providing rental lockers:
    (Ideas for defining a policy for providing employee lockers should include rental fees and locker sizes.)

    Lockers may be rented for a quarter and include a combination lock; no outside locks will be allowed.  Belongings must be removed from rental lockers by the last week of each quarter.  Belongings must be removed from rental lockers by the last week of each quarter.  Belongings left in the locker and/or locker room after the end of the rental period will be put into Lost and Found for a period of two weeks.  If not claimed in that time, they will be donated to local charitable organizations.

    Sample policy statement from former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt:

    “I urge you and your employees to attend the Healthy Utah Lifestyle Assessment and Wellness Connection workshops…I would like to remind you that worksite health promotion programs can increase employee morale, decrease absenteeism, lower medical utilization rates and, most importantly, increase our employees’ chances of living healthy and productive lives…In order to encourage maximum employee participation resources, I will support these programs by approving three hours release time for participating employees.  I also urge you to support additional health promotion programs in your departments throughout the year.”

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