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Keys to Writing a Human Resources Manual

Many small businesses around the country need direction in human resources management.  Small businesses generally are not large enough to hire their own Human Resources Manager, but are still in need of human resource information and tools.  In some cases with smaller companies, this responsibility is the burden of the owner, a “promoted” staff member who is not trained in Human Resources or in a worst case scenario, no one.

We are pleased to present this Human Resource Guidebook. The Guidebook provides informational sources relating to the resolution of some human resources issues encountered in daily business activity. Great lengths have been taken to provide accurate and up-to-date information on legal issues and best practices. This Guidebook should serve as an introduction to writing an employee manual or updating workplace policies.  Please use the Wiki and resources as a starting point in addition to contacting your employment lawyer to address your questions.

Human resources has many legal complexities, therefore, we strongly recommend that each visitor who wishes to implement and disseminate a human resource policy manual or an employee handbook, consult with thier employment lawyer to ensure full compliance with all pertinent federal, state and local laws and regulations.



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