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Job Requirements

Hiring practices are typically deemed to be “valid” when a clear relationship can be demonstrated between the hiring activities and the job itself. Therefore, once a hiring policy and procedures are in place and the decision to recruit for a position has been made, the next step in the planning process is to identify the specific knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications the ideal candidate needs to possess to successfully perform the essential functions required of the job. Essential requirements include the knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications a candidate must possess to perform the job successfully. Desirable requirements include the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications that would be beneficial for a candidate to have, but are not essential for performing job tasks satisfactorily.

Your job requirements should be analyzed and documented using clearly written job descriptions, prior to initiating the recruiting and selection process. This will help to ensure your company’s hiring practices remain focused on recruiting and selecting qualified candidates and not on just merely hiring.

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