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Host a health fair.


Corporate health fairs are an effective way to provide valuable health information and screening services to large numbers of employees in a convenient “one-stop shop” format.


There are several ways to plan a health fair.  Some companies may chose to host their own health fair for employees.  With either option, planning follows some basic steps.

Establishing a Health Fair Planning Committee is the first step to a successful event.  This committee should include a cross section of employees interested in healthy living and willing to commit time to the planning process.  This committee may do the following tasks:

  • Select a date and location

  • Create goals and objectives

  • Develop a budget

  • Contact vendors or exhibitors

  • Create a theme

  • Market the event

  • Solicit volunteers to help with the event

  • Create evaluations for both vendors and participants

  • Analyze the evaluations

  • Submit a post-event report to management

    Health fairs should complement the workplace environment and provide services in a convenient manner for employees.  No matter the size of the event, offering some services on-site encourages employees to examine their lifestyle and health.  Simply increasing awareness of health issues may be the greatest benefit of the event.


    Wellness Councils of America:

    5 Elements of a Successful Health Fair

    Other organizations to consider for health fairs:

  • Health departments/agencies

  • Hospitals

  • Insurance providers

  • Recreation Centers/YMCAs

  • Screening/wellness companies

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