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Healthful Eating: Workplace Wellness

Explore opportunities for healthful eating.

Action Steps:
1.  Offer appealing low cost healthful food options, such as fruits and vegetables, juices, and low-fat dairy products on-site such as; in vending machines, snack bars, break rooms, and/or cafeterias.

Cost= $; Time= x

2.  Promote the adoption of Fruits & Veggies More Matters concepts in catering/cafeteria policies.

Cost= $; Time= x

3.  Offer healthful food alternatives at meetings, company functions, and health education events.

Cost= $; Time= x

4.  Post motivational signs about Fruits & Veggies More Matters , nutrition, and healthful eating in the cafeteria.

Cost= $; Time= x

5.  Make water available throughout the day.

Cost= $; Time=  x

6.  Provide protected time and dedicated space away from the work area for breaks and lunch.

Cost= $$; Time=  x

7.  Make refrigerators available for employees food storage.

Cost= $$; Time= x

8.  Provide incentives for participation in nutrition andor weight managementmaintenance activities.

Cost= $$$; Time= x x


Cost =

$ = Minimum
$$ = Moderate
$$$ = Maximum

Time =

x = Minimum
x x = Moderate
x x x = Maximum

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