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Health Risk Appraisal HRA


The health risk appraisal is central to health promotion programs.  It can help companies of all sizes identify their workforce’s problems and establish targets for improvement. 


  • Using the HRA, you can discover risk levels, determine appropriate interventions and measure results.

  • HRAs help employees manage their health care and allow companies to control their health care costs. 

  • Assessment tools can accurately measure risk levels and can proactively channel individuals to appropriate, cost-effective interventions are valuable for a company.

  • It is important to contact local health insurance companies and inquire what tools they use for HRA.

    Three basic building blocks of health risk appraisals:

    1. Questionnaire

    2. Risk Calculation

    3. Educational Message or Reports

    The following resource section provides links for more information about Health Risk Appraisal tools.  Also refer to link below for tips in selecting the right HRA for your organization.