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Health Education: Workplace Wellness

Promote social support interventions and/or health education activities in the workplace.

Action Steps:
1.  Offer regular health education presentations on various physical activity, nutrition, and wellness-related topics. 
  Cost= $; Time= x

2.  Provide health education information through newsletters, publications, websites, email, libraries, and other company           communications.

  Cost= $; Time= x

3.  Conduct preventive wellness screenings for blood pressure, body composition, blood cholesterol, and diabetes.
  Cost= $$$; Time= x x

4.  Provide confidential health risk appraisals. 
  Cost= $$; Time=  x x

5.  Host a health fair.
  Cost= $; Time=  x x x

6.  Provide healthy cooking demonstrations with taste tests. 
  Cost= $$; Time=  x x

7.  Start employee activity clubs (e.g., walking, bicycling).
  Cost= $; Time=  x

8.  Offer on Site weight managementmaintenance programs at a convenient time for employees. 
  Cost= $$$; Time=  x


Cost =
$ = Minimum  
$$ = Moderate
$$$ = Maximum  

Time =
x = Minimum
x x   = Moderate
x x x = Maximum

9. Workplace Wellness Health Education Website Resources

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