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Explore discounted memberships at local health clubs


Discounted memberships encourage employees to start regular physical fitness programs, allowing them to save money.  By participation, they can build outside relationships with co-workers, relieve stress, and get rewarded for maintaining a good level of physical fitness.

Discounted memberships are also a good alternative to creating an on-site fitness facility.


  • Contact individual health clubs (commercial fitness centers, fee-based, nonprofit agency fitness centers, and hospital-affiliated fitness/wellness centers) to inquire about corporate rate packages.

  • Evaluate which clubs participate in company discounts and offer the best programs and amenities.

  • Try to find a program that extends the discount to family members.

  • Provide the human resources department with all of the information.

  • Create a menu of fitness centers for employees to use as a resource.

  • Promote the program/discount to employees.


  • Local YMCA’s:

  • Health Clubs/Fitness Centers

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