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The Emergency Plan should be in writing.  You may want to assign each member of your Emergency Management Planning Team a section to write.  It should include, but not limited to: 

•  an introduction to the Plan,
•  defining the Planning Team roles and responsibilities,
•  recovery strategies and procedures, and
•  essential resources.

The Emergency Plan should be readily available to all members of the Planning Team.  The Plan should be designed so that recovery team members, and others involved in the recovery process can quickly pick up the Plan and find useful information to guide the recovery process. Key personnel should have a copy of this documentation at work and at home.  Remember, an Emergency Plan is never a fixed finished document.  It evolves and gets better as time goes on.  Therefore, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time you do it.  The important thing is to get started on it!

Category:Disaster Planning


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