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Decide on a new policy and develop a plan to implement it


Take the information you have gathered to assist your decision in a new policy to implement for your workplace


Basically there are two types of smoking policies that a worksite can implement.

  • Tobacco-free environment in company facilities and vehicles; can be extended to include the property or grounds of the employer.
  • Separately ventilated areas.  Smoking limited to separately ventilated smoking rooms.

Items that the company’s policy should include:

  • Purpose for policy (harmful effects of secondhand smoke on health)
  • A tie between the tobacco policy and cessation support and the recognizable corporate values (e.g. performance of employees as an asset)
  • Clear statement of where tobacco use is prohibited
  • Clear statement of where tobacco use is permitted (if anywhere)
  • Clear statement on enforcement and consequences on noncompliance
  • Clear statement of support to be provided for employees who smoke (smoking cessation assistance)
  • Name and phone number of person who can answer questions about the policy
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