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Create a company culture that minimizes consumption of low nutrient foods and beverages


A sense of culture exists among groups of individuals who come together for work.  One definition by defines culture as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a corporation.”

Employee health directly impacts productivity.  Poor diets and inactivity decrease alertness and creativity.  Healthy employees equal a healthy and productive organization.  Creating a company culture that discourages inactivity and promotes healthy eating makes it easier for employees to adopt those lifestyle changes.  This means not only creating an environment conducive to an active and healthy lifestyle but also one that encourages it.


  • Ask management to help create a culture that promotes healthy eating and regular physical activity.
  • Develop programs from the grassroots level for added success.
  • Create or identify change agents who can be leaders to push for a healthier more active worksite.
  • Boost enthusiasm by using group programs to create team efforts and foster healthy competition within the company.
  • Creating cultural change is an ongoing process that involves periodic re-evaluation.  According to the Human Resources Institute, Inc. (2001), the “Normative Systems Culture Change Process” involves four phases: Phase 1 Analysis, Objective Setting and Leadership Commitment Phase 2 Systems Introduction Phase 3 Systems Integration Phase 4 Evaluation, Renewal, Extension



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