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Community Outreach

An Emergency Plan will involve other organizations and personnel in the community.  Emergencies or disasters which affect the entire community will need a different response than an emergency which affects your facility alone.  Both situations will demand a dialogue with the community.

A situation that involves your facility alone will require that you have interactions with community resources.  For example, if your facility potentially could experience a chemical spill:

•  regular meetings should take place, where emergency plans and procedures are reviewed

•  prevention procedures should be discussed with community resources

•  community response groups should tour your facility to become familiar with the layout

•  drills should be conducted, in cooperation with community resources like the fire and police departments

In the event your facility is responsible for an emergency or incident, you must be prepared to provide information to appropriate community resources regarding the following:

•  nature of the incident

•  potential for the community’s safety being at risk

•  actions being taken to resolve the problem

•  prevention procedures in place at the time of the incident

It is your responsibility to determine what audiences will be affected by your incident, and what their information needs are.

Category:Disaster Planning


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