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Assessment Resources

Alcohol Misuse

This resource is provided by George Washington University, use this Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to learn what your business can save in healthcare costs when employees have access to a treatment approach known as screening and brief intervention.  In addition to saving on healthcare costs, treatment reduces absenteeism and improves employee productivity.


American Cancer Society


This ROI Calculator evaluates the Return on Investment for the institution of a physical activity or smoking cessation programs in your company. This national organization provides Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators.


American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

This site presents the business case for smoking cessation. The information is designed primarily for use by health insurance plans. However employers, purchasers, and health benefits managers can also gain valuable insight into the economic advantages of a range of smoking cessation programs.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Healthier Worksite Initiative website that includes a worksite health promotion resource toolkit with cost calculators, sample tools, and a multitude of helpful resources and links.  Website developed to be a comprehensive one-stop shop for planners of workforce health promotion. 


Cornell University Institute for Policy Research

Health and Productivity research centering on the relationship between employees’ health and well-being and their work-related productivity.


Diabetes At Work

This website can help businesses and managed care companies to assess the impact of diabetes in the workplace.


Free & Clear Employer and Health Plan

Free & Clear’s ROI calculator illustrates both your current tobacco-related medical costs and the savings you can expect should you implement the Free & Clear® Quit For Life™ Program. The assumptions in this calculator are based on peer reviewed research from unbiased national leaders such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Fitness on the Job

Fitness solutions for business; organization located locally in NEPA.  Provides fitness programming matched to an organization’s goals, budget and space.