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Announce and Manage the Policy


Formally announce the policy to all employees and prepare everyone for implementation. 


  • Announce the policy and cessation support by using your company’s standard communication channels.  It is important to demonstrate that management fully supports the policy (e.g. the announcement should come from the chief executive officer or appropriate senior officer.)
  • Announce a timeline for implementing the tobacco policy and cessation activities.  The announcement should be made in advance of policy’s effective date to allow tobacco users to prepare for changes that might be necessary such as placement of outdoor ashtrays, removal cigarette vending machines, “Smoke-free Area/Thank You for Not Smoking” signs and necessary ventilation modifications.
  • Offer smoking cessation support at the same time as the advance announcement of the pending policy change as well as before and after the effective date.  Strong restrictions on smoking may encourage smokers to think about quitting.
  • Obtain signs that communicate a positive “smoke-free” message.
  • Offer to answer employee questions and invite comment about the policy and cessation activities.
  • On the effective date of the policy, the company should have signs in place, facility changes complete and smoking cessation and smoker support ready.
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