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Add weight management nutrition and physical activity counseling


In the new environment of health care, many plans and programs are changing to include non-traditional benefits.  Weight management/maintenance, nutrition, or physical activity benefits are on the horizon as employers recognize the benefits of promoting a healthier lifestyle to create better health.


This Action step may be difficult to achieve.  To accomplish this action step, you may have to advocate for your company with your healthcare provider.  Awareness of policy issues and policy content will help to achieve your goal.

First, contact your company healthcare provider to see what is already included in your policy.  Many programs include a “behavior and health” section.  Some programs include continuing education for employees, if requested by the company.  Use this benefit to address nutrition and physical activity topics.

Second, be sure to compare and contrast provider benefits for nutrition and physical activity when the company is negotiation with health insurance providers.  Depending on the cost/benefit, you may want to upgrade your package to include nutrition and physical activity benefits.


  • Company healthcare providers/insurers