Providing Information to the Police
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Has anyone had to deal with police officers asking for personal information like addresses due to a criminal investigation?  Under what circumstance (without a warrant) can the police require information regarding employees?  What liability does the create for the employer?

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We just had a situation like this and we gave the police a copy of the employee’s resume, the background check and emergency contact form, but we required a letter of request from the detective on his letterhead.  If he wants more, we will require a subpoena.  I was told that we are not required to comply with a request like this from the police unless they have a subpoena for the information.  We chose to give him the few pieces of information I listed above.

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This might be a state specific issue, but I don’t think an employer has any obligation to cooperate with police.  That’s not to say that you cannot or should not cooperate, but I wouldn’t provide information to police that goes beyond your company’s policy regarding confidentiality.


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