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I have an individual that has diabetes.  This individual recently provided me with a doctor’s note that stated they needed to work regular consistent shifts.  In questioning the employee they stated that it was because they do not stop to eat on regular bases.  I provided a specific timeline for them and assured this person that the MOD would cover for them if needed to ensure a regular schedule.  I believe I am covered even though I didn’t comply with the request for accommodation by the doctor.  Does anyone have any feedback based on their experience with a similar situation?

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I would ask the employee to speak with their doctor regarding the timeline you created and ask for a doctor’s note to get confirmation that the doctor agrees that the timeline for the person will enable the employee to maintain their diabetes. You can also consult the individuals at the Job Accommodation Network, who may be helpful.

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You do not have to do exactly what the doctor states in order for an accommodation to be reasonable.  The main thing is to get into a dialog with the individual to ensure that whatever changes you make to the work schedule meet the needs of the employee with the disability.  If the work requires an irregular shift, but you allow enough breaks for the individual to eat and monitor his insulin or blood sugar, you should be in good shape.

It would be a good idea to contact the doctor about the accommodation you recommend to be sure it meets the needs of the employee.  If not, keep talking and keep documenting your conversations.


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