Sandberg on Gender Neutrality
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A quote from Sandberg:

“No. 2, really important, we need to start talking about child-rearing in the workplace. A few weeks ago, my brother, who’s a surgeon, had the following conversation at work. He’s hiring a new team. He said to a woman he made an offer to, ‘I know you just got engaged and you may take this job. You may want to have kids someday. You may not. You never have to talk to me about that — that’s your business. But I watched my two sisters and my wife struggle. They would worry someone would find out they were pregnant, they would worry they would give their job to someone else. So I want you to know if you want to talk to me, my door is open. If you do want to have children, I’m going to help you get great maternity leave, I’m going to help you transition back and I’m not going to give all the good surgeries to some man just because you’re pregnant. My door is open if you want to have a conversation’.  That is not illegal.”

Maybe not illegal, but do you want your managers making this kind of speech?


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