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Resource Update: What Can Employers Expect from the Trump Administration in the Upcoming Year?

Although it has been a little less than a month since President Trump took office, he has already taken a number of steps that will impact employers and has started the process of reversing some of the more controversial employment-related actions of the prior administration. While it is difficult to predict with confidence exactly what employers can expect from the new administration in the upcoming year, we can gain some insight from measures the President has already taken and from statements made during his campaign. FordHarrison has prepared a white paper discussing these issues, which is available on the In Depth analysis page of our website. Additionally, we will continue to keep you updated on developments from the Trump administration that may impact employers.

Train Your Team: Protect Personally Identifiable Information From a Widespread Phishing Scam

Every January 31, employers scramble to meet the deadline for mailing W-2 forms to their employees. This year, a new iteration of an old W-2 phishing scam surfaced immediately thereafter. In the 2017 version, scammers posing as a company’s CEO or other high-level executive target human resources (HR) and payroll professionals with email messages requesting certain W-2s or all of a company’s W-2s.

Tenth Circuit Upholds Discharge of Employee in Safety-Sensitive Position Who Tested Positive for Cocaine

On February 6, 2017, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Wyandotte County, Kansas, did not violate the U.S. Constitution by discharging an employee in a safety-sensitive position after he tested positive for cocaine in a random drug test. The court found that the random drug test was not an unreasonable search because the plaintiff’s interaction with children outweighed his individual privacy interest. It also found that the county’s drug testing and human resources policies did not create a protected property interest in continued employment or an implied contract. Washington v. Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas, No. 15-3181.

Top Ten Expected Labor and Employment Law Changes by the New Trump Administration

With the inauguration behind us, what changes do we expect the Trump Administration to make to labor and employment laws? The following is a top ten list of those expected changes, as recently discussed during a webinar that was part of Nexsen Pruet’s HR Certificate Series for 2017.

New French Law Limits Work Email Outside of Business Hours

A new French law establishes employees’ “right to disconnect” beginning January 3, 2017. The new law is an amendment included within a broader labor reform bill, the El Khomri Labor Law (after Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri). An employer with more than 50 employees must set specific hours when employees should and should not send emails under the new law.

New French Law Seeks Work-Life Balance: Would US Ever Follow Suit?

While advances in technology have improved the workplace by increasing productivity, these advances have also become a double-edged sword.

Good News for Messy People: How Disorder Can Contribute to Success

In the corporate environment we are encouraged to be efficient and have our work in order. But what if being a little messy made you a better employee?

WPI Insider Briefing: New President, New Congress, New Direction in Workplace Policy

President Donald J. Trump was sworn into office on January 20, 2017, ushering in a new balance of power in Washington and what is expected to be a dramatically different era of workplace policy. On his first day in office, the president took action to begin reshaping President Obama's regulatory agenda and fulfilling his campaign promises with respect to the Affordable Care Act.

Using Imagination to Create the Perfect Job

We all have the ability to dream, to imagine doing things we aren’t yet doing. We dream of having a steady income, financial security, and enjoying our work. Some individuals have found they are able to achieve part of their dream with employment in the form of gigs – a gig here, a gig there – enjoying the work on their own schedule.

HR Intel: Don’t Let #deleteuber Happen to Your Company

Every now and then a news story pops up illustrating the importance of aligning corporate, HR and PR strategies. These stories are often largely negative, painting companies in a bad light while we play Monday morning quarterback. The blood and guts of HR, if you will, on display for our educational benefit.
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