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Retailer - Fall 2014

Criminal Background Checks: Three Tips for Retail Employers Is EEOC Bound by Statutory Limitations Period When Making Pattern-or-Practice Claims? More Social Media Angst for Retailers

How to Apologize At Work

Humility is a virtue. And, for most of us, it doesn’t come easily. Particularly for those of us who want to be good at our jobs and to please to whom we report, owning up to a mistake at work can be a difficult task. Management professor Robert Sutton offers advice about how to deliver a truly effective apology in his book, Good Boss, Bad Boss. A recent article about Sutton’s advice summarizes it in three steps.

EEOC and Mexican Consulates Team Up to Provide Guidance, Training, and Even Checks Global Employment Law

What started as a local effort has now become a national endeavor, as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially agree to join forces to create programs that will benefit both Mexican nationals working in the United States as well as their employers.

Which drug-testing law applies? Who knows?

This drug-testing case would make a great law school final exam.

Values First! An Interview with GlaxoSmithKline Senior Vice President, PD Villarreal

As described in Dan Pink’s book, To Sell is Human, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the global pharmaceutical, vaccines, and consumer health care company, has adopted a groundbreaking approach to paying its salespeople. Rather than base its sales representatives’ compensation on their own respective sales, GSK has removed individual sales targets and moved to reward representatives for their “technical knowledge, the quality of service they deliver to support improved patient care, and the overall performance of GSK’s business.”

Off-duty domestic violence — what’s an employer to do?

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can tell you, it isn’t easy for an employer to handle off-duty domestic violence situations.

Asbestos Suits Against Employers Present New Risk for Employer’s Liability Insurers

Two asbestos hotbed jurisdictions, Pennsylvania and Illinois, have recently opened the door to long-tail occupational disease claims against employers in the tort system. These decisions held that the exclusivity provisions of the applicable state workers’ compensation acts do not prohibit employees diagnosed with occupational diseases long after their retirement from suing their former employers in the tort system alongside the traditional panoply of asbestos defendants. Employers and their employer’s liability insurers should be aware of this new risk and the issues it may present going forward.

Can a Robot Be Your Boss?

Meet the new boss. She never plays favorites and doesn’t partake in office gossip. She gives clear directions.

Traveling for Work and Late-Night Emails

Traveling for work has its pros and cons. I spent the last two weeks in sunny Santa Monica, California. I was there to take multiple depositions in an expedited proceeding, which meant that I escaped my hotel room / conference room for a combined total of approximately 4 hours over a 14-day period. In fact, I didn’t leave my hotel room or the conference room from which we were working at all until Day 4, when I took the extreme liberty of walking to the beach and back. (Picture below). I was out of the room for about 10 minutes—I didn’t even put my toes in the sand for fear that I’d never return to the room.

Bank Employers Take Note!

Banks, like all employers, must keep up with the ever-changing federal and state employment laws and requirements. Several important changes that banks must not miss have taken effect or will take effect soon. Examples of the changes are discussed below, but banks are strongly encouraged to work with their advisors to ensure compliance with the full scope of the significant changes highlighted in this article.
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