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Is the Administrative Exemption a Cure for the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Wage-and-Hour Headaches?

The pharmaceutical industry has been put under the microscope recently in several wage-and-hour cases dealing with the classification of sales representatives. The Seventh Circuit ruled recently that the administrative exemption applies.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Found to be Exempt by Seventh Circuit

The Seventh Circuit recently weighed in on whether pharmaceutical sales representatives are exempt under the FLSA in Susan Schaeffer-LaRose v. Eli Lilly & Company.

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Join White-Collar Quest for Overtime Pay (pdf).

Pharmaceutical sales representatives, historically viewed as exempt from federal wage and hour law requiring overtime compensation, are joining the ranks of highly compensated white-collar workers seeking overtime pay, attorneys Staci Ketay Rotman and Mark S. Wilkinson write in this BNA Insights article. A number of large companies are targets of sales reps’ overtime class actions, the attorneys, of Franczek Radelet in Chicago, write.