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Do Employers Have to Pay for Travel Time?

In this economy, we continue to see lay-offs and slow growth in hiring. As a result, more employees are being asked to take on additional responsibilities and assignments. These circumstances, coupled with the fact that some employers are properly re-classifying certain jobs as non-exempt, have led to an increase in work-related travel for non-exempt employees. For some employers, requiring non-exempt employees to travel is new territory. As a result, I thought it would be beneficial to provide some general guidance on hours worked for travel time purposes. The following general rules apply to non-exempt employees:

Home Healthcare Company Agrees To Pay Employees' Travel Time And Expenses.

A Pennsylvania court recently gave preliminary approval to settlement of a wage and hour collective action lawsuit filed against a Pennsylvania home healthcare company by 3,000 its current and former home health workers. Thomas v. Total Home Health Care Corp.
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