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IRS Outlines Form W-2 Scam Data-Loss Reporting Procedures

The IRS has outlined the steps employers should take to help protect employees from tax-related identity theft caused by the recent rash of Form W-2-related scams that may compromise business emails. Because time is of the essence to effectively stop and prevent cybercrimes, employers and payroll service providers are encouraged to quickly utilize these avenues to not only report actual loss of data due to these scams, but also to report the receipt of any suspicious emails.

Puttin' On My Top Hat.

A Top-Hat plan is the name given to nonqualified deferred compensation plans that provide supplemental benefits for a select group of management and highly compensated employees.

Puttin' On My Top Hat.

Top-Hat plans are nonqualified deferred compensation plans that for a very select group of high level employees; like other employee benefit plans, these plans are also governed (in large part) by ERISA.
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