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Three Tips to Investigate Harassment Complaints When You Are Not “the Employer”

The healthcare setting involves many potential “joint employer” landmines, as hospitals often have outside vendors providing services (i.e. food service, laundry service) inside their facilities.

Investigating Claims of Harassment.

Your human resources director has brought you a tough one: one of your sales employees has complained that her Sales Manager harassed her sexually, and had made disparaging racial remarks about a customer. You're stunned because the manager has been a good performer, generating good numbers and seems like a real straight arrow guy. What do you do?

When Even Doing It Right Leads To Trouble.

A recent case involving a Texas dealership reminds us how careful a dealer and its managers must be when investigating a harassment complaint.

Investigations Not To Be "Micro-Managed".

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently dismissed a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against an employer, stressing that federal courts should avoid second guessing or "micro-managing internal investigations." According to the Eleventh Circuit, the court's focus should be on the "reasonableness of the investigation," rather than vetting the specific nuances of the company's response.
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