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Common Sense Advice On FRD.

"Family responsibility discrimination" has been claimed with increasing frequency over the past few years by parents and other caregivers who feel that they have lost job opportunities as a result of their responsibilities at home. Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidelines on the subject, which will likely even further raise awareness of the issue among employees.

Avoiding The Pitfalls of FRD.

In our last issue we reported on a subcategory of gender discrimination called “family responsibility discrimination” (FRD) that is creating a disturbing trend for employers. (See, “FRD Discrimination. Never Heard Of It? You Will!” Labor Letter, January, 2007). According to a recent study by sociologist Mary Still and published by the Center of WorkLife Law at the U.C. Hastings College of the Law, FRD lawsuits have increased by the staggering amount of nearly 400% in the United States in the last decade. This statistic is compelling employers to educate themselves and arm their companies with updated polices and procedures.
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