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Dealership Update (No. 2, May 2017)

If you have not revised your employment applications recently, it may be time for a recall. In recent years, several state and local governments have passed laws restricting the types of questions you can ask applicants before making a conditional job offer.

How Often Can We Run Credit Checks On Dealership Employees?

Picture this scenario: a privately held dealership operates 16 stores in Southwest Florida. The company’s CFO tries to keep on top of how the finance managers, cashiers, parts managers, and others who handle money or property perform their duties. So, the CFO will often work in those jobs when regular employees are on vacation, or leave, or otherwise absent.

Proposed Overtime Regulations Will Likely Affect Your Dealership

The United States Department of Labor (USDOL) recently announced proposed revisions to some of the most commonly used exemptions to minimum wage and overtime, saying it will “extend overtime protections to roughly five million workers” and “transfer income from employers to employees in the form of higher earnings.”

Some Cautionary Tales.

When the EEOC files a lawsuit against an employer or when it settles a case short of trial, it almost always issues a press release. The press release is, of course, one-sided and usually sets forth only the EEOC's view of the facts. As a result, they can be terribly embarrassing for the employer.

Dealership Update: Ten Employment Priorities For 2008.

As an industry, the retail automobile business still lags behind most of American business in terms of the attention paid to employment matters. This is due to a number of factors including the absence of human resources departments, high turnover, a lack of formal manager training and, of course, the hectic pace of work at dealerships. Too often the end result can be expensive, embarrassing and often unnecessary discrimination charges and lawsuits.
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