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Joint Employment and the Contingent Worker – Are Your Temp Agency Workers Really Your Employees?

In today’s global economy, many companies are staffing through employee brokers, leases, or temporary agencies, franchises, or other non-traditional arrangements. Over the last few years, government agencies have reacted to this trend by increasingly finding both companies are employers and as such, both are jointly and severally liable for any issue involving the employees.

Have you heard the term “gig workers” yet? You will.

Economists and business commentators believe that the U.S. economy is moving from a world of corporations to a world of “pop-up” businesses. Further, they point out that these pop-up businesses are powered by what’s becoming known as “gig workers” – a term borrowed from the music industry, where musicians move from job to job (gig to gig), employed for a particular performance or a defined time, with little more connection to the venue than to the fast food they’re eating for lunch.

GAO Issues Report on Contingent Workforce

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a report on the contingent workforce, which examines the state of part-time workers, those employed by temporary staffing agencies and independent contractors in the workforce. The report uses data from a US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of contingent workers called the Contingent Work Supplement (CWS) and other reliable sources. The report parses the data to reveal information specific to each category of contingent worker.

"Sharing Economy" Jobs Share Same Independent Contractor Issues as "Regular Economy"

A CNN op-ed piece caught my eye recently as it discussed some of the difficulties the so-called millennial generation is having in Silicon Valley and elsewhere when it comes to finding gainful employment. It paints a very grim picture about “sharing economy” jobs like Uber, Lyft, or Instacart.
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