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Veterans Day 2018 Provides Reminder for Employers

Veterans Day is a great reminder of the positive qualities and attributes veterans can bring to an organization as valuable employees. Beyond their experience, expertise, leadership and strong work ethic, veterans also bring creativity, dedication and resilience.

4 Tips for Helping Veterans in the Workplace

As we commemorate Veterans Day, an employer should take note of the tremendous talent, skills and qualifications veterans can bring to the workplace. Through their sense of leadership and commitment, veterans can enrich a workforce, improve an employer’s public image and bring a sense of patriotism to the organization. However, very often veterans encounter difficulties in finding jobs, suffer from disabilities, or experience discrimination and harassment on the job. Here are four tips for an employer to follow when managing veterans in the workplace:

Celebrating Memorial Day: 4 Legal Developments Affecting Veterans in the Workplace

With Memorial Day upon us, employers should recognize the immense talent and skills that veterans and those in the military can bring to the workplace. When it comes to leadership and dedication, veterans can enrich a workforce, improve an employer’s public image and instill a sense of patriotism in the organization.

As Veterans Day Approaches: Best Practices for Employers in Handling Vets

As Veterans Day quickly approaches, we should all be reminded of the honor, commitment and sacrifice of those serving, and those who have served in the military. Military veterans are often talented workers with strong work ethics who can bring valuable skills to the workplace.

New Tax Credits Available for Hiring Veterans

Employers now have a powerful new incentive for hiring recently discharged and other unemployed veterans. Under the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, just enacted by Congress this past November, employers may receive significant income tax credits (called "work opportunity tax credits") for hiring unemployed veterans. Below is a summary of the credits.
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