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How to Effectively Onboard So New Employees Don’t Jump Overboard

The quote “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” rings true for employers looking to retain their new hires. New employees will likely form their opinions about an employer based upon first impressions received during the onboarding and orientation process. While an employer may overcome a negative first impression, it is easier to retain an employee with a positive one.

In Praise Of ... Orientation?

Faced with an article on new employee orientation, the reader may have one or more of the following thoughts: "Has this writer read a newspaper in the last year? Isn't he aware that nobody in America is hiring? In fact, we're not even sure if we won't need to have more layoffs just to get through this economic whirlpool. Any article about new employee orientation is grossly premature and impossibly out of touch with reality."
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