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Taking Workplace Training to the Next Level: EEOC Task Force Recommends Live, Interactive Harassment Prevention Training

On June 20, 2016, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a 130-page report (“the Report”)1 on harassment in the workplace. The Report contains 45 specific recommendations and identifies 12 “risk factors” concerning workplace harassment and its prevention. Notably, the Report devoted the bulk of its recommendations to the need for effective compliance training and related efforts.

The Ethics of Training: a Zenefits Case Study

This Zenefits story begins and ends with software.

Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?

Does intensive internal training of employees lead to higher profits? In knowledge-based industries where the main asset is skilled professionals such as software engineers, the answer is yes, according to the research paper “Strategy, Human Capital Investments, Business Domain Capabilities, and Performance: A Study in the Global Software Services Industry,” by Joydeep Chatterjee, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management and professor of global strategic management at the University of Washington.

Paying to Educate Your Employees.

Are you missing an opportunity to increase your employees' basic academic abilities without having to pay overtime premium for the time they spend learning? A little-known exception in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act allows employers to do just that under certain circumstances.

The Talent Hunt: Getting the People You Need, When You Need Them.

Ask any CEO or senior level executive what his or her biggest challenge is, and the answer is almost always finding and keeping good people. Yet most executives fail to manage their company's needs in a way that recognizes the unpredictability of the global marketplace. In a book titled, Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, Peter Cappelli, director of Wharton's Center for Human Resources, proposes a new approach to this issue based on applying the principles of supply chain management to people.
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