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Will Your No-Smoking Policy Get Vaporized?

Wondering what your employee is smoking in the break room, likely in violation of your "no-smoking" policy? Chances are it is an electronic smoking device, such as an e-cigarette or vaporizer. What should you do about it? Anything?

Can You Link Insurance Premiums To Smoking?

Rocked by soaring costs, including skyrocketing increases in health insurance premiums, employers are desperate to manage, and hopefully limit, whatever costs they can. Many employers have begun to look to the lifestyle choices of their employees and how those choices might influence their cost of doing business. One lifestyle choice with hugely adverse effects, not just upon the cost of health insurance but also upon the business itself, is smoking and the use of other tobacco products.

Why Shouldn't Smokers Pay More For Health Insurance?

Employers are being stung by soaring health insurance premiums and desperately need to control their costs. Harmful behaviors, such as smoking, which contribute directly to higher medical bills are a natural target.

Social Media Legislation – Employers Beware of the Ongoing Movement to Protect Employees and Potential New Hires

Over the past couple of months there has been a flurry of legislative activity at the state level concerning an employer’s ability to access the social media accounts of potential or current employees. Legislation introduced in Connecticut, for example, (1) precludes employers from requiring potential or current employees to disclose the login information for their social media pages, (2) bars employers from asking potential or current employees to access a social media page “in the presence of [the] employer,” and (3) generally prohibits employers from taking adverse action in response to a potential or current employee who refuses to provide the login information for their social media pages or access such pages in front of the employer.

E-Cigarettes Light Up Controversy Among Employers

First marketed internationally in 2002, battery-powered e-cigarettes are exploding stateside and may soon shake up many employers who need to decide whether or not to allow e-cigarettes in the workplace. Sales in the United States of the more than 200 types of e-cigarettes currently available are estimated at more than $200 million annually. In a study released last year, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that one out of every five adult smokers in the United States has tried e-cigarettes, up from one in 10 in 2012.

The Value And Peril Of Imposing A Premium Differential On Smokers

Healthcare employers have been at the forefront in educating their employees and the general public about the benefits of not smoking and in implementing smoke-free environments; and rightly so, as their mission dovetails with the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Kytle wrote.

Holy Smoke! Employers Refusing to Hire Smokers

A recent trend is developing of late where employers are considering “no smoker” employment policies. These policies go beyond “no smoking in the workplace;” some ban employees from smoking at any time. Such policies may lower insurance premiums. Some employers also suggest that these policies cut down on productivity issues due to smoke breaks and high absenteeism due to smoking-related illnesses. Opponents of these policies argue that they are discriminatory or in violation of privacy laws. This raises an interesting debate.

If You're Going To Light Up, Pay Up

Is charging smokers more for healthcare really legal?

Smoking Bans Spreading Like Wildfire.

For the first time in our nation’s history, more than half of all Americans live in a city or state with laws requiring that workplaces, restaurants or bars be smoke free, according to the advocacy group Americans For Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR). In fact, in the past year alone, nine states have passed new laws restricting smoking in public places.
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