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What Employers Legally Can and Can't Ask You During a Job Interview and Salary Negotiation

Catharine Morisset’s article “What Employers Legally Can and Can't Ask You During a Job Interview and Salary Negotiation” was featured on Pay Scales on January 14, 2016.

Why Being the Last Interview of the Day Could Crush Your Chances

Sorry, grad school applicants. According to new Wharton research, not only must prospective students or job seekers compete against a crowded field of equally appealing candidates, but they also must shine when compared to the randomly selected cluster of applicants who have interviews scheduled on the same day.

Interviewing The Pawn Stars Way

Viewers of the popular television show "Pawn Stars" (The History Channel) know that recently the owner, Rick Harrison, and his father, "the old man," have been interviewing applicants for the night shift. Here is their exchange when the old man sat in on one of the interviews:

What You Need to Know About Hiring Summer Help.

As the summer approaches, students are planning for their futures. Do they want to backpack through Asia, take summer courses, or take up a summer job? For the group who wants to take up a summer job, you, as an employer, may find yourself with many available workers who are eager and willing to work in order to pad their wallets or their resumes. What kinds of things must you look for when hiring temporary, summer help though? Here are a few hot spots to keep your eyes on:

Out-of-Bounds Questions Can Cost Employers.

Recently, Miami Dolphins executive Jeff Ireland weathered a storm of public criticism following the revelation that, during an interview before the NFL draft, he asked wide receiver Dez Bryant whether his mother was a prostitute. While the former Oklahoma State star had been suspended last season for NCAA rules violations and reportedly had "character" issues, Ireland's out-of-left-field question left many observers wondering if he had been playing football without a helmet.

Who Will Play the Lead in Your Company’s Next Performance? The Beauty or the Beast?

Let's say you are a restaurant manager responsible for interviewing candidates for a maitre d' position. You narrow the applicant pool down to two candidates. Both applicants have similar employment histories, education, and job experiences. But during the interview process, you discover something that sets applicant two apart from applicant one. Here's how the interviews play out.
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