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CGL Policy’s Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Is Unambiguous and Precludes Coverage for Alleged False Imprisonment of Employees

The California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, recently affirmed an order granting an insurer’s demurrer without leave to amend. The court agreed that an employment-related practices (ERP) exclusion in a commercial general liability (CGL) policy issued to an insured employer barred coverage for employees’ claims that a supervisor falsely imprisoned them in a workplace bathroom for invasive inspection purposes under threat of termination.

Asbestos Suits Against Employers Present New Risk for Employer’s Liability Insurers

Two asbestos hotbed jurisdictions, Pennsylvania and Illinois, have recently opened the door to long-tail occupational disease claims against employers in the tort system. These decisions held that the exclusivity provisions of the applicable state workers’ compensation acts do not prohibit employees diagnosed with occupational diseases long after their retirement from suing their former employers in the tort system alongside the traditional panoply of asbestos defendants. Employers and their employer’s liability insurers should be aware of this new risk and the issues it may present going forward.

Why You May Need EPLI and What to Look For When Buying EPLI

Employment practices liability insurance, also known as EPLI, covers your litigation costs and liability for claims brought against you in relation to your employment practices – even claims that are false, fraudulent, or frivolous. With employers being forced to cut back on their labor force (which often correlates to a rise in employment discrimination claims) and the expansion of the legal definition of disability, employers are currently facing ever increasing exposure to claims related to their employment practices. EPLI covers this exposure.

Suit By EEOC Not Covered Under EPLI Policy

It probably seemed like such a simple proposition. EEOC sues employer for sexual and racial harassment, racial discrimination, retaliation and constructive discharge. Employer has an EPLI policy.

What Employers Should Know About Insurance For Employment Claims (pdf).

Traditional business insurance policies generally exclude employment claims from coverage.
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