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5 Tips to Help Employers Avoid Workplace Romance Mishaps

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is in the air. As an employer, do you know which of your employees might be celebrating together on Feb. 14?

Be My Valentine! – BUT First Please Review and Sign Below

Executive Summary: This Valentine’s Day, employers across industries are reevaluating their workplace dating and sexual harassment policies. Various surveys show that 40 percent of workers date or have dated co-workers. With the recent surge in sexual harassment allegations, evolution of the #MeToo movement, and ongoing legislative reform, it is crucial that employers remain proactive in setting boundaries around interoffice relationships. Employers can minimize liability associated with interoffice relationships by establishing clear policies, providing annual training for employees and managers, improving procedures to report sexual harassment complaints, and monitoring developments in relevant legislation and case law.

Top 10 Mistakes Employers Make in Employment Applications

Employment applications—almost every employer in the country uses them. They can seem innocuous, but they contain a number of minefields of which employers should be aware. A general theme of federal and state laws, regulations, and guidance is that employers should avoid asking an applicant questions that elicit information that cannot be considered in making a hiring decision. Below is a list of the top 10 mistakes to avoid in application materials:

Do Your Job Descriptions Still Fit?

Almost everyone has clothes in their closet that no longer fit. Admit it; things change, whether it be fashion or you. In fact, some of those clothes probably never really fit, despite your alterations and efforts. Maybe you thought you would "grow" into them. Or maybe you thought you looked good enough. No problem.
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