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Tattoos, Haircuts, And Head Coverings – We're Not In Kansas Anymore

As our society has evolved and changed, standards for acceptable dress and appearance have also been transformed. For example, tattoos, once seen mostly on bikers and those who had served in the military, are now mainstream. An estimated 40% of Americans have at least one tattoo and women are just as likely as men to have one.

Employer Dress Code Policies Under the Microscope as Supreme Court Reviews Abercrombie & Fitch Case

A suit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against national clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc., demonstrates why employers should carefully review any dress code policies with counsel, particularly as they may conflict with attire worn for religious reasons. Interestingly, the case could have important ramifications not only for employers but also employees.

Piercing Through The "Body Art" Issue.

As tattoos, piercings and other forms of body art have become increasingly prevalent, hospitals are grappling with how to deal with this trend. While many younger workers proudly display their body art, older workers have exhibited a variety of responses. Some are offended, some have embraced the fad, while still others seem unfazed. Providing care for an ever-aging population, hospitals must also consider the reactions of patients and their families, many of whom are already frail and/or apprehensive.
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