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OFCCP Self-ID and Equal Pay Tool Updates

Effective October 27, 2014, a new reporting form for veterans, the VETS 4212 Form, will replace the VETS-100A and VETS-100 Forms. The VETS 4212, which covered federal contractors and subcontractors will need to start using in September 2015, does not require contractors to report specific categories of “protected veterans” but instead requires only the reporting on the total number of protected veterans in the aggregate. Under 41 C.F.R. section 60-300.42(b), contractors must solicit only the veteran category data “the contractor is required to report pursuant to 41 CFR part 61–300 [VETS reports].” So, because the new VETS 4212 Form does not require a report of specific veteran categories, contractors will no longer be required to invite applicants or employees to identify specific veteran category status.

Do You Know Who Your Supervisors Are?

The United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a case next term that will determine who is a “supervisor” when dealing with Title VII harassment cases. Like questions of who is an “employee” or “employer,” determining who is a “supervisor” is often not straightforward and different laws use different definitions.