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Most Recent Cases

Second Circuit | Abdullayeva v. Attending Home Care Services

Ninth Circuit | Rodriguez v. Nike Retail Stores, Inc.

Second Circuit | Latif v. Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, et al., No. 1:18-cv-11528 (S.D.N.Y. June 26, 2019)

Supreme Court | Kisor v. Wilkie

Pennsylvania | Bousamra v. Excela Health

Ninth Circuit | Sulyma v. Intel Corporation Investment Policy Committee

Tenth Circuit | Kerry W. v. Anthem Blue Cross and Shield, No. 2:19cv67

Seventh Circuit | Richardson v. Chicago Transit Authority

Ninth Circuit | Josef K. v. California Physicians’ Service, No. 18-cv-06385-YGR (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, June 3, 2019)

Second Circuit | Vuono, et al. v. Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc., Case No. 1:18-cv-016365-VEC (S.D.N.Y. June 11, 2019)

Supreme Court | Home Depot U. S. A., Inc. v. Jackson

New Jersey | Colon v. Strategic Delivery Solutions, LLC, No. A-2378-17T4 (N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. June 4, 2019)

Supreme Court | Fort Bend County, Texas v. Davis, No. 18-525 (June 3, 2019)

Supreme Court | Smith v. Berryhill

California | Ayala v. U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc., et al., No. 15-cv-00137-GW-KK (C.D. Cal. May 5, 2019)

Second Circuit | Ottley-Cousin v. MMC Holdings, Inc., No. 16-CV-00577 (MKB)

California | McCool v. Life Insurance Company of North America, et al., No. 17-cv-07766 (November 9, 2018).

Massachusetts | Sullivan v. Sleepy’s LLC, 2019 Mass. LEXIS 244 (Mass. May 8, 2019)

Kentucky | Nichols v. Kentucky Unemployment Commission, et al., No. 2017-CA-001156-MR, 2019 Ky. App. LEXIS 73 (Ky Ct. App. Apr. 26, 2019)

Minnesota | Minnesota Chamber of Commerce v. City of Minneapolis, No. A18-0771 (April 29, 2019)

Massachusetts | Branch v. Commonwealth Employment Relations Board

Fifth Circuit | Abshire v. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Second Circuit | Natofsky v. City of New York (2d Cir. 2019)

Supreme Court | Lamps Plus, Inc. v. Varela, No. 17-988 (Apr. 24, 2019)

Massachusetts | Gammella v. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

Indiana | Perkins v. Memorial Hosp. of South Bend, No. 18A-CT-1340 (Ind. Ct. App. Apr. 11, 2019).

Fourth Circuit | Beller v. Wal-Mart Transp., LLC, No. 17-cv-530, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 52887 (S.D. Ohio Mar. 28, 2019).

Fourth Circuit | Hannah P. v. Coats, No. 17-1943 (4th Cir. Feb. 19, 2019)

Ninth Circuit | Kamakeeaina v. Armstrong Produce, Ltd., 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 50863 (9th Cir. March 22, 2019)

Eleventh Circuit | Lewis v. Union City, No. 15-11362