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Friday, November 30, 2007

Week In Review (November 30, 2007)

Most Popular Federal Law Article

Holiday Tips to Avoid Religious Discrimination in the Workplace (pdf).
The end of the year and the accompanying holidays often bring requests by employees for time off for the religious observances and requests to display religious symbols at work.
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Most Popular State Law Article

California State and City of San Francisco Minimum Wage Increases.
On November 14, 2007, San Francisco City Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that, on January 1, 2008, the minimum wage for employees within San Francisco will increase from $9.14 per hour to $9.36 per hour. This was done in accordance with the San Francisco Minimum Wage Ordinance, which was passed by the voters in November 2003, and calls for annual rate adjustments based on the previous year’s Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners.
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Most Popular Headlines

5 Rules for Legal Recruiting and Hiring
HR.BLR - November 26, 2007

Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 11/30 at 10:11 AM
Week in Review