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Friday, February 22, 2008

Week In Review (February 22, 2008)

Most Popular Federal Law Article

[url=“”>Expansion of FMLA Leave for Families of Service Members.</A>
President Bush has signed the first amendment of the FMLA since Congress passed the original law in 1993. As initially drafted, the FMLA requires employers of more than 50 employees to approve unpaid leave for employees. The terms of FMLA leave include up to 12 weeks of time off for eligible employees to care for themselves or a family member’s serious health condition.
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Most Popular State Law Article

<a >California Court of Appeal Expands the Administrative Exemption Under the New Wage Orders.</A>
In a victory for California employers, a California Court of Appeal recently rejected the traditional administrative/production dichotomy test for an administrative exempt employee for certain business models. In Combs v. Skyriver Communications, Inc. (2/7/08), the Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s decision dismissing the employee’s claims for overtime, unpaid meal period penalties and unpaid rest period penalties because the employee was properly classified as an administrative exempt employee. Importantly, the Court of Appeal relied heavily upon the recent changes to the Industrial Welfare Commission’s Wage Order No. 4-2001 in determining that the employee was an administrative exempt employee and, therefore, not entitled to overtime, meal periods or rest periods.
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Most Popular Headlines

<a TARGET=“_blank”]The big discrimination case before the Supreme Court.[/url]
Slate - February 18, 2008

Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 02/22 at 10:01 AM
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