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Employment Law Blog

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Baser Basics

Laurie R. Jones? posting of April 12 (see below) references ?commonsense? warnings that are, for some reason, ?necessary to repeat . . . and repeat . . . and repeat.?  For human resource professionals and employment attorneys, the need to repeat these warnings over and over again may well lead to the conclusion that common sense is, unfortunately, not very common.

Okay.  At the risk of (and for the benefit of) repetition, let?s say this again.

Speaking of sex . . .

. . .  in the workplace, or with coworkers outside the workplace is NOT a good idea.

It doesn?t matter if a person doesn?t mean harm, means the comments to be a joke, or is even just referring to a Seinfeld episode, talking about sex with a co-worker or other business associate is a very bad idea.  It can lead to discipline, termination, litigation, and other less-than-desirable results.  Picture any discussion about sex as placing your future in the hands of the hearer.  Remember, and remind others?before telling that sexual joke, or otherwise talking about sex, think about whether it is really worth risking your job over.  Think about how it would feel to have to explain that one to friends and loved ones.  If you choose to talk about sex, keep it far away from work and any connection to your employment. 

‘Nuff said?  (sigh)  Probably not . . . .

Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 04/21 at 11:45 PM
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